We need your support to continue to provide services to youths and families in need.

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What We Do

Our mission is to provide every youth with proper support from parents and caregivers.
We never reject a youth or family. We never give up on a kid…Never!


Our Board

Board of Trustees
  • Linda D’Amario-Rossi,  Chair
  • Christopher Little, Esq., Vice Chair
  • Michael Reis, FSC, CEO 
  • Phil Rofrano, FSC 
  • Lisa Churchville, MBA 
  • Dr. Joseph L. Dowling, Jr. 
  • Lynn C. Hunter 
  • John Mailloux 
  • Br. Robert Hazard
  • Anthony J. Paliotta 
  • Dr. Carleton Cappuccino
  • Vark Markarian
  • Patrick Quinlan
  • Ali Cabral
  • Ian Hyatt


Many kids we care for at Tides, have burned all their bridges. They are young people on the brink of disaster. We throw them a life line. And we never give up on a kid.