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What We Do

Our mission is to provide every youth with proper support from parents and caregivers.
We never reject a youth or family. We never give up on a kid…Never!


About Us

History of Tides

Founded in 1983 by Brother Michael Reis, Tides Family Services is a not-for profit family service agency which addresses the needs of Rhode Island’s most at-risk children. Tides provides community based services for wayward and adjudicated youth, ages 9-21. Tides was founded with a $10,000 grant from the Diocese of Providence and a $5,000 grant from the Governor’s Justice Commission.

From its humble beginnings, Tides has grown into an agency with over 100 staff members that service 500 high-risk youth and their families daily in five urban areas of Rhode Island. To comprehend the work of Tides, one must visualize an agency without walls where the staff of outreach workers and clinicians meet the children where they are; in the streets, the schools, the Family Court, their homes, at the neighborhood basketball courts, wherever kids gather.

For over 30 years, Tides has proven that community based programs successfully rescue kids and their families. This success has resulted in an ever growing demand for Tides to help more children and families.

Tides serves children and their families in Providence, Pawtucket, Central Falls, Woonsocket, and West Warwick, while serving all of Kent County and parts of Lincoln and Cumberland, RI.